Does Krav Maga Work?

Does Krav Maga Work?

People ask me, “does Krav Maga work?”


What they want to know is this, if they have to defend themselves, loved ones, family, or friends, will Krav Maga work?

As with most of these conversations they are familiar with the the general term of “karate” and have seen “movies” where actors perform some magical move to defend themselves. 

I answer them this way. Krav Maga works because it is simple, practical, and effective. Its not some “made up” martial art, but military, law enforcement, and street tested.

Krav Maga was designed for self defense/fighting in the street. In the real world. 

So. If you’re an adult, or a parent worried about your child being bullied, wouldn’t you want something just like Krav Maga?!

hope this helps

Coach Ken

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