Our Children Are Precious

Our Children Are Precious

Our children are precious.  And...  As parents it is our job to keep them safe.  To train and teach them so when the time comes for them to venture out on their own we've done our jobs as parents to make sure that that happens.

We need to make sure they understand the difference between a "stranger" and a "safe stranger."  One to be cautious around, if need be.  And one that they can go to in time of need.

The definition of a stranger is simple: Someone you don't know.

That's it.  It's that simple.  And...  Keep it that simple.  No need to over complicate things.

Let your child know that being aware of your surroundings is a great self defense.  Play this game with them:  Tell them you're going to play the "awareness" game.  As you walk or drive take note of your surroundings.  You ask your child a question and have them answer, like: what color of shirt was the man wearing that was walking his dog?

Then.  Have your child ask you a question.  This only makes their getting to know and understand their surroundings better.  When kids are involved in games they pay attention more.  So...  When we, as parents, incorporate a "game like" scenario into anything we do, your child will do much better.  Sorta tricking them into learning what it is you are trying to teach them...


I hope this helps.

Coach Ken


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