Humans are the only ones on Planet Earth that...

Did you know that us, Humans, are the only ones on planet Earth that ignore our gut instincts?  Did you know that?  It's true.  We are the only living creature that will receive any type of information, then actually ignore our own self defense system, our own "gut instincts" and proceed any way.  Even if it means we put ourselves in harms way!

For example: When we stroll down the sidewalk and come across a lizard, what does that lizard do?  It scampers away.  It does not ignore its gut instincts.  It's how it survives. 

If you're walking across a parking lot and come across a bird, as you get closer, what does it do?  That's right, it flies away.

But...  Again...  Us as Humans will actually ignore our own gut instincts and rationalize why we are not paying attention to our gut instincts.  So...  The next time your "gut instincts" are SCREAMING at you, don't ignore them.  We have gut instincts for a reason.  To survive...!

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