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Ken Winegarner

I started training in martial arts at the age of 7 while living in Japan.  In Japan I studied Judo, it was for a short while, like 2 years, but it gave me my first experience with the martial arts and since then I've been hooked.

Then, at the age of 17, and ever since, I began my "true" martial arts journey.  I was searching for something more than the traditional martial arts.  I was searching for a self defense that could help me defend myself.  This is when I found my passion, RBSD, (Reality Based Self Defense).  A reality based self defense has one purpose and one purpose only, self defense.  And...  The #1 rated pure self defense system in the world is what I teach, Krav Maga.

It's my passion to give to my students a foundation, both mentally and physically, to defend themselves, their families, friends, or loved ones if unfortunately they ever find themselves in a situation where they have to.

I continue to work with law enforcement, security, and private organizations, but my main focus is "you" the general public. 

Krav Maga has been rated the #1 self defense system for over 10 straight years.  And...  At my facility, this is all I teach, Krav Maga.  Nothing else.  I specialize in "pure" reality based self defense.  So...  If you're looking for a school or gym that just focuses on one thing, pure self defense, then I'm the place for you.

I've worked hard to develop a culture at our facility that is welcoming, safe, and fun.  Men, women, and children excel in Krav Maga because it is simple, effective, and practical.  And...  About 35% of our student base is female. 

Krav Maga is a system developed for the military, yet very practical in today's tumultuous society for the general public.  I fully believe everyone has the right to defend themselves when faced with danger.  And...  It is my passion to help people in any way that I can.

I believe so strongly in this that I taught and trained my own family.  To me, this statement speaks volumes in my beliefs.  Actually, my daughter, Miss Allison, helps me coach and instruct the kid's program.  Again.  I believe so strongly in self defense that I coached and trained my own family.  It makes me feel better knowing that they know how to defend themselves if they ever have to defend themselves.

Also...  I continue to train today.  And...   I give seminars and workshops and travel to do so, I believe this is also very important.  Below is a quick summary of my self defense training, foundation, and expertise. 

I wish you well and want you to be safe.  So...  This is my personal invitation to you, come down and try out a free class and experience not only my passion, but my student's passion, our school, and our welcoming culture.

Coach Ken


A Quick Summary Of Coach Ken:

  • Inducted into the Martial Arts Hall Of Fame In 2012
  • Fought and trained out of the world famous Westminster Gym
  • Trained in and continues to train in: Krav Maga, Boxing, Kickboxing, BJJ, San Soo
  • Trained with: Jamie Klein, Ron Browning, Al Rubin, Jimmy H Woo, Franco De Carmargo, The Machado Brothers, Al Head, Gokor and Judo Gene LeBell.

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