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Kids Martial Arts Anaheim

The instructor is friendly and very helpful. My boys were skeptical on taking a defense class but the instructor made it fun and knowledgeable. My boys are now motivated and enjoy being here to learn how to protect themselves.

Marlene G.

Kids Martial Arts Anaheim

Ken creates an awesome atmosphere especially for the newbies like me only 4 classes in and I LOOOOVEEE IT!

Brenda R.

Kids Martial Arts Anaheim

I've been a part of the Practical Martial Arts family for almost a year and I have learned so much! I was hooked from my first class. Master Ken is approachable, knowledgeable and makes the class fun and accessible no matter your level of experience. He teaches not only the self defense moves, but also gives excellent insight on how to avoid dangerous situations all together. In addition, the school offers a great selection of class times, fitting various work/school schedules.

I feel blessed to have found a such an excellent instructor, and a great group of fellow students, to teach me how to better defend myself.



Gina D.

Kids Martial Arts Anaheim

Coach Ken is a very knowledgable instructor. Prior to joining, we had no first hand experience with self defense. After a couple months under our belt, our knowledge has greatly grown. It is an easy going, fun, and constructive learning environment for all experience levels.

Madison P.

Kids Martial Arts Anaheim

Great teacher and very valuable skills learned.

Emily C.

Kids Martial Arts Anaheim

This place is so much fun. I've learned how to be tough and be bold. The people who train here are a mix of young, old, men, women, and all very nice. No jerks! Master Ken provides a great balance of fun and learning. He is an excellent teacher and knows how to give each student what they need, whether it be fitness, protection, or even just confidence. He'll help you find your reason to fight. Master Ken cares about all his students and wants to see them all succeed, even if they only take one class!

Kristina V.

Kids Martial Arts Anaheim

Ken Winegarner has decades of real life experience in both the martial arts and martial sports. With over 40 years of participation and teaching martial arts myself, I can honestly say that Ken is amongst the best in the business. His curriculum is guided by solid methods and a complete understanding and application of Systems Theory. Ken is also as funny and loyal as they get. Don't hesitate to train at Anaheim Krav Maga.

William F.

Kids Martial Arts Anaheim

It would be difficult to mention all the skills that Ken has as both an instructor and a fighter. He is the type of instructor that other world class instructors go to for coaching. Ken is fun, intelligent, talented and knows how to make you a fighter. If you're shopping around, look no further. This place is as real as it gets !

Paul S.

Kids Martial Arts Anaheim

Excellent mix of a number of disciplines. Great workout program if you just want to come for that, or to actually learn effective self-defense disciplines as well. I drive all the way from Van Nuys to come here so that in itself should be a testimony to how much I believe in the system taught here.

Roderick P.

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